Domaine Pouderoux, C18 Originel Maury Sec AOP Vin Nature 2017

Pouderoux, C18 Original Maury Sec AOP Vin Nature 2017

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We have known this domain for 20 years and their wines are all delicious, the new challenge of Cathy and Robert was to make a wine that would be Bio and without sulfite, so a VIN NATURE (and that is not easy). And what you taste is amazing, I have tasted a lot of natural wines that were always a kind of badly fermented apple zap, no body, no balance, No fun ... this C 18 brings you to a different experience of drinking wine! so pure, so natural, so pleasant to drink, I never expected that! I can imagine that after the first bottle you will never want to drink anything else again ...

Grenache 60% Carignan 40%

Beef, meat in sauce, luxury BBQ, lamb, dishes with tomato

13.8% alcohol percentage

18 ° C (so a bit cool)