Clos Uroulat, Jurançon Zoet 2009

Clos Uroulat, Jurançon Sweet 2009

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In the Pyrenees near the beautiful city of Pau vintners have been building grapes for hundreds of years, it is said that our King Henri 4 was baptized in this divine wine. The Little Manseng grape is picked very late so that almost all water has evaporated from the grape, the wine is golden in color, the aroma of honey, truffles, candied citrus and pineapple, and the most special thing about this wine is its phenomenal freshness, so a very very tasty sweet wine that is not syrupy, make sure after the first sip that you want to drink even more, delicious with blue cheese, duck liver and many dessert but also only because it is too tasty.

Little Manseng

kaas, dessert, creme brulee

13.5% alcohol percentage


18 ° C (so a bit cool)