Château La Croix Calendreau, St Emilion Grand cru 2016

Château La Croix Calendreau, St Emilion Grand cru 2012

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Mister Arnaux is a perfectionist, recently being a squeaky little Chateau, he makes his wines like the best! Why manual picking? My machine is doing much better and faster, and I can do it at night if I have to, I can wait for the best time to ripen. And you proffer this in this wine, it is very creamy, soft, fruity, when you drink this wine a pleasant blanket comes around you, it is at the same time sweet and sturdy, what a pleasure, one of the tastiest St Emilion Grand Cru I know. Duck confit, pork, but also beef and chicken, my favorite: Coq au vin (use that wine in the sauce)


 Delicious with Lamb, beef, grilled chicken, meat in sauce, ripe cheese

12.5% alcohol percentage

 18 ° C (so a bit cool)