Toques et Clochers Jonnie and Therese de Boer Alain Caron

3 t/m 5 april

Toques et Clochers is the wine event of the year. Literally translated, it means chef’s hat and bell towers. One of the largest wine auctions in the world takes place during Palm Easter weekend. All Proceeds from these auctions go to the restauration of a church in the Limoux area. There are many festivities surrounding this auction. Such as a huge village festival, you will find wine testing and a closing gala dinner provided by a 3-star chef.

Impressie Toques & Clochers
Limoux, located in south west of France, is about forty villages. Each village provides two barrels reserved for the prestigious wine auction. Each barrel that goes under the hammer during the auctions is unique. The Barrels are chosen with the utmost passion, experience and knowledge. During the auction, the person on charge of the village will present their wine. Full of pride. This wine is unique, only two barrels are made of it.
Vins de Gilles
2019 was the 25th year we went to the event. Every year we bring a group of people from the Netherlands, who want to experience this special event and are interested in bringing exclusive wine to the Netherlands. Gilles provides an unforgettable time with people that become friends and memories for life.
We can fully imagine that you now want to come along. Is this so? Then you can contact us and you will be included in the selection for the next year.
Mail onsand let us know why we can’t leave you in the Netherlands !