Gilles Faelens
We don’t really sell wine. We sell an experience. The story behind the wine ensures that you will enjoy it until the last drop. You will feel like you visited the vineyard and experienced how the wine was made, and finally discover this fantastic product.

You will feel at home in our welcoming onze Bistro.The feeling of exclusivity, belonging to a club with exclusive wine. Passion for a product. Only one sip will show you all the involvement in this fantastic product. You will want to be taken by Gilles and see how he chooses his wines.
Wines you can find in restaurant such as the Librije, Cafe Caron, Prins van Terbregge and many more… Not only starred-restaurants, but also the regular catering establishments. Price-Quality is paramount, we want to offer to the catering industry certainty of good wines and a fair price so that every catering company can use our wine.